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Karie Hicks, owner, cookie and bar baker

I have always, always loved baking and when I was able to have my own bakery it was like pouring my heart out. It had been years and years of thoughts and ideas brought to life, so in a way it made for some easy decision-making as far as the name of the bakery, the color for branding and the style for marketing. Butter Bakery is very much “me”. We use real ingredients in my baked goods, real butter, homemade vanilla, all the good stuff. When I am baking, I feel peaceful and productive. I put a lot of my heart into what I bake because I want people to have good memories from the moments when they are enjoying their sweet treats and who they share them with. I’ve felt that baking was nurtured in me by my family – my mom, my aunt, and my grandpa in particular – and I want my baked goods and their packaging to reflect that “baked from scratch” feeling.

I love the challenge of putting together outrageous creations #overthetop. After all, how can you have a cannoli cupcake, super rich with creamy ricotta and a hint of cinnamon without an actual cannoli topping it! After baking cupcakes and other crazy desserts for fun and family, I made the bold move to take my dessert to the public. I have known Karie for some time and partnering with Butter Bakery just made sense. I was so honored when she asked. I look forward to offering you cupcakes that will make you smile.

You can reach us at 602-390-0461 or

We look forward to talking with you! 

Veronica Montenieri, cake pop, cupcake and minicake master

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